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One Family - one saddle pad.
(by Happy Horse, a good-tempered equine)

This is a very simple and not informative story of a saddle pad* bought by our reputable customer Debbie Cooper a few years ago. This story could be called "One saddle pad - one Family." Or even so, "One Family - one saddle pad." However, what is the real difference? And we are really glad that one saddle pad can serve the members of the same family for many years, used in a variety of ways during a variety of events. One day it is a show pad, the other day it is a trial saddle pad. What else can serve as proof that this saddle pad is really needed, that it is in demand and useful for all members of this large and friendly family?

dressage-saddle-pad-trial-pad dressage-saddle-pad-show-pad dressage-saddle-pad-facebook
dressage-saddle-pad-close-contact-pad dressage-saddle-pad-close-showpad

* EquineLUX makes high-quiality English saddle pads and half pads that guarantee greater adjustability, high moisture permeability, shock reduction, reliable grip, intelligent design, attractive look while using such materials as Merino sheepskin, three-dimensional textyle, cotton fabric, and high-resilience foam.

26 Aug 2023

How to choose a saddle pad
(by Happy Horse, a good-tempered equine)

I. Saddle pad: types, sizes and quality
A properly selected saddle pad will not only please your eye, but also csn protect both the horse's back and your expensive saddle.
Moreover, an unsuccessful saddle pad can cause real problems for your horse.

The purpose of the saddle pad is not primarily an aesthetic look. Its main purpose is to keep your horse's back pain-free and healthy, as well as to keep the saddle intact for as long as possible.
The right saddle pad should absorb and wick sweat and heat well, protect your back from scuffs, smooth out small bumps in the saddle, and protect the saddle from contact with horse sweat.

There are three main criterias to consider when choosing a saddle pad - type, size, materials.

II. Types of saddle pads
There are four types of saddle pads for modern sports saddles.
- Dressage
- Jumping / Hunter
- Cross-Country
- Universal

These types of saddle pads have rectangular, contoured, and special shapes. Their main difference is that in the front part they repeat the shape of the wing of one or another type of saddle.
Despite the fact that the shape is clear visually, manufacturers can also mark saddle pads on the labels according to both saddle type and saddle size.

Close contact Dressage saddle pad
Perfect fit Dressage saddle pad with pockets for shims

III. Saddle pad sizes
Saddle pads can be marked by manufacturers in accordance with the saddle size to make it clear for customers who know the size of their saddles and rarely look at the saddle pad size chart.
International size chart suggests five main universal sizes of saddle pads, which are designated in the same way as most horse harnesses.

extra full - largest horses,
full - ordinary horses,
cob - medium-sized horses,
pony - ordinary ponies,
shetty - miniature ponies.

A properly chosen saddle pad is one of the key points in terms of keeping your horse's back in a good shape. An ill-fitting or carelessly dressed saddle pad can move or crumple on the horse's back, which can lead to discomfort and pain in the horse's back as well as chafing and bruising.

IV. The quality of the saddle pads
When choosing a saddle pad, carefully study its composition. In addition to a wide variety of fabrics, manufacturers also use different types of fillers that can be used to improve certain functions of the saddle pads.
The filler for the saddle pad can be made of the following materials.
  "Memory" foam - keeps its shape well, cushions well, doesn't absorb sweat. This foam is very porous and moisture can seep down into the foam and stay there if it's not ventilated. It can take a long period of time to dry out a "memory" foam which breaks down over time.
  High-resilience (HR) foam - perfectly absorbs sweat, depending on the thickness, it can remove heat well and additionally protects against impacts. It has a much higher responsiveness than memory foam and provides an even supportive feel.
  Polyester batting - very soft and comfortable, "breathes" well, evaporate moisture well, helps smooth out bumps. It is easy washible and fast drying material.
  Wool felt - is considered the best option, it absorbs and removes moisture well, helps to avoid overheating of the back during training, and is hypoallergenic. But it requires very careful washing.

V. Saddle pad care
Saddle pads, like underwear, need regular, thorough, and delicate cleaning. It's not recommended to put on a dirty saddle pad that has already collected sweat and dust. This can damage skin on the horse's back. Modern saddle pads quickly and are easy to wash in conventional washing machines, but it's important to choose the right washing mode in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

6 Jun 2023

What to Look for When Shopping for Dressage Saddle Pads
(by Nivi Watson, Experienced Guest Blogger)

Dressage saddle pads are essential for every rider who wants to keep their horse comfortable and their saddle in top condition. With so many options available on the market, how do you know which one is the best for you and your horse? In this ultimate guide, we will explore everything you need to know about dressage saddle pads, from what to look for when shopping to how to care for your new pad.

1. What is a Dressage Saddle Pad?
A dressage saddle pad is a type of horse saddle pad specifically designed for use with a dressage saddle. Dressage saddle pads are made to provide comfort and support for thehorse, as well as protect the saddle from sweat and dirt. These saddle pads are shaped to fit the unique contours of a dressage saddle and come in a variety of materials, colors, and styles to suit every rider's needs and preferences.

Close contact Dressage saddle pad
Perfect fit Dressage saddle pad with pockets for shims

2. Types of Dressage Saddle Pads
There are several types of dressage saddle pads available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some popular types include:
Traditional Dressage Saddle Pads: These are the most common type of dressage saddle pad, featuring a square or rectangular shape with a contoured topline. They are designed to fit the shape of a standard dressage saddle and provide a classic, elegant look.
Shaped Dressage Saddle Pads: Also known as Euro-style or contour saddle pads, these pads are cut to match the shape of the dressage saddle, providing a more streamlined and fitted appearance.
Half Pads: These are smaller saddle pads that provide additional padding and support under the saddle, often used in conjunction with a traditional dressage saddle pad. Half pads can be made from various materials, such as sheepskin or memory foam.

Dressage half pads-with pockets for shims EquineLUX/Dressage/Saddle pads and Half pads/Images

EquineLUX / Half pads / Sheepskin & Reversible

3. Materials Used in Dressage Saddle Pads
Dressage saddle pads can be made from a variety of materials, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Some popular materials include:
A popular choice for its breathability, durability, and affordability. Cotton dressage saddle pads are easy to care for and come in a wide range of colors and patterns.
Synthetic Materials
Synthetic materials, such as polyester or acrylic, are lightweight, easy to clean, and often more affordable than natural materials. However, they may not provide the same level of breathability and comfort as natural fibers.
A luxurious option, sheepskin saddle pads are known for their softness, comfort, and natural moisture-wicking properties. However, they can be more expensive and require special care to maintain their appearance and functionality.
Memory Foam or Gel
These materials offer excellent shock absorption & pressure distribution making them a popular choice for riders with horses that have sensitive backs or require extra support. They can be more expensive than traditional materials, but many riders find the benefits worth the investment.

Dressage saddle pad and half pad with sheepskin
Dressage saddle pad with pockets for shims

4. How to Choose the Perfect Size and Shape
The right size and shape of your dressage saddle pad are crucial for ensuring a comfortable fit for your horse and a secure, properly fitting saddle. To choose the correct size and shape, consider the following:
Saddle Size: Measure the length of your dressage saddle from the front of the pommel to the back of the cantle. This measurement will help you determine the appropriate size of your saddle pad.
Horse's Back Conformation: Horses with high withers, broad shoulders, or a swayback may require a saddle pad with a more contoured shape to provide proper support and fit.
Riding Discipline: If you ride in multiple disciplines, consider a versatile saddle pad that can accommodate both dressage and jumping saddles.

5. Additional Features to Consider
In addition to size, shape, and material, there are other features to consider when shopping for a dressage saddle pad:
Billet Straps and Girth Loops: These help secure the saddle pad in place and prevent it from slipping or shifting during your ride. Look for adjustable straps and loops that can accommodate different billet and girth positions.
Moisture-Wicking Properties: A saddle pad with moisture-wicking capabilities can help keep your horse dry and comfortable during long rides or hot weather.
Padding: Some dressage saddle pads have additional padding in key areas, such as the withers or along the spine, to provide extra support and comfort for your horse.

6. Proper Care for Your Dressage Saddle Pad
Proper care and maintenance of your dressage saddle pad are essential for ensuring its longevity and effectiveness. Follow these tips for keeping your saddle pad in top condition:
Regularly brush off dirt and debris after each ride.
Wash your saddle pad as needed, following the manufacturer's care instructions. Some materials may require hand washing, while others can be machine washed.
Dry your saddle pad thoroughly before storing it, as dampness can lead to mold and mildew. Regularly inspect your saddle pad for signs of wear and tear, such as thinning material or damaged straps.

Choosing the perfect dressage saddle pad is an important aspect of ensuring your horse's comfort and your saddle's longevity. By considering factors such as size, shape, material, and additional features, you can find the ideal saddle pad to suit your needs and help you and your horse perform at your best. Proper care and maintenance of your dressage saddle pad will ensure its effectiveness and durability for years to come.

May 22, 2023

What is the actual difference between the two?
(by Cheri George, aka Roadrunner)

I have both the foam, and the fabric layer (springy 3-Dimensional SPACER full-size shims). Should you use both together or just one? What is the actual difference between the two?

Hello Roadrunner,
You would like to know if it's really necessary to use both types of the inserts all together. Actually, pockets for inserts in EquineLUX saddle pads are not designed not for this. I doubt you would be able to do that at all. You just have to try each type of inserts, compare them, and make your decision which one meets your requirements the best. Nevertheless, we can't restrict our customers from making experiments at their own experience.

Thank you for asking regarding the HR-foam and 3-Dimensional SPACER textyle features which are used to make shims (inserts) for our saddle pads. This pushed me to provide a more detailed information about these materials.

High-Resilience (HR) foam inserts allow for the rider's weight to be distributed over a larger area of the horse's back, thus reducing pressure points and providing more comfort for both horse and ride.
HR foams are manufactured in accordance with high quality standards do not break down from heat and salt. A cell structure of the HR foam differs from the structure of conventional foam, which makes HR foam more supportive, comfortable & durable.

High-resilience foam for shims for Dressage saddle pads and half pads with pockets
3-Dimensional spacer for shims for Dressage saddle pads and half pads with pockets

HR foam has a much higher responsiveness in comparison with a memory foam. HR foams make up important layers of many popular mattresses to ensure more even feel and less of a sinking feeling that memory foam alone would have. HR foam is made of a blend of polyurethane, it is hypoallergenic and well know for its durability and elasticity.

3-D SPACER is a three-dimensional knitted fabric consisting of two outer textile substrates which are joined together and kept apart by spacer yarns. 3-D SPACER inserts are air-permeable, shock-absorbing, and resilient. 3-D SPACER is 100% breathable textyle that does not absorb and does not keep moisture absolutely and thus it drys out quickly. It helps to prevent sheepskin lining and trim against mold and mildew growth.

NOTE: Every saddle pad or half pad with pockets for shims must be hang over a rail or a drying rack after each use with pockets wide opened and without inserts, away from direct sunlight and artificial heat to let horse sweat to dry out completely. After use, store your saddle pad or half pad away from direct sunlight, as ultraviolet rays can degrade the original properties of both natural fibers and synthetic materials. Direct sunlight can cause genuine leather reinforcements and the suede side of sheepskin to crack or shrink; they may also lose their natural elasticity and stiffen.

16 Mar 2023

Just FYI, I did NOT find your response helpful.
(by Anna Elvidge)

Hi. I am trying to order D101-B. The black, shimmable dressage pad. I cannot get your order pages to co-operate. According to what I can figure out, it should cost $188.00 Cad. But it will not change from express shipping, and when I try to add it to my cart, it goes straight to PayPal page, which says it isn't working right now, and to try later. Can you help? Thank you.

To use Equinelux website's features and benefits from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you need an up-to-date version of one of the modern web browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari. Moreover, a popup blocker that can be activated in settings of those browsers may also cause problems while making your order.

Just FYI, I did NOT find your response helpful.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by response to your email.
Let's make it simpler. What browser and device do you use to make your order?
This info can help me to help us to resolve the problem.

I am seriously confused and frustrated by your web site. I managed to put in my order using my phone rather than my lap top, and having selected the one I want, ( D101 – B ) 17 – 17 ½ , I put it to the cart, and clicked on to the paypal which sent through the order as soon as I had logged on. It dawned on me that I had not sent you my shipping address!
I am profoundly grateful that your pads last a long time. (EquineLUX: The previous order was made by this customer in 2017.)

Helo, Anna
Do not worry about your order. We got your order as well, as your shipping address. We will send your saddle pad on Monday.
Elena M.

Great, thank you so much!

5 Feb 2023

How a dropshipping partner turns into a wholesaler
(by Shannon Kennedy)

I'm interested in your affiliate drop ship program.
I'm launching a US based equestrian e-commerce business in September 2022.
Do you also have a wholesale program if I wanted to stock some of your saddle pads?
Thank you!

Hi Shannon,
We offer a basic drop shipping service for our affiliates.
This is an ideal solution for anyone who plans to populate a e-commerce store without having to purchase, store, pack, or ship their inventory. It works simply.

0. You populate your website with images and descriptions of EquineLUX products.
A link to our website in your blog or similar resource center (how-tos, guides, etc.) is required.
1. You get a customer's order on your website.
2. You withdraw 12% commission and transfer the balance to EquineLUX.
3. You forward us customer's name, shipping addres, phone number.
4. We ship the order and send you tracking number for your customer.

Please note, not all the saddle pad and half pad models are available for our affiliates.
Best Regards,
Maxim M.

Hi Maxim,
I'd like to order a competition number pad and a white BufferLux half pad, both in 17"-17" inch to use as demos. I'm getting a vendor booth at a large horse show in late September. I also like to see the quality of the brands I represent and like to let people try things before they buy them.
Could I purchase these with the 12% affiliate discount?
Also, my website is still under construction but I've attached the product page for your pads that I think will fit the customer base I'm targeting (Quarter horse and paint horse - mostly hunter under saddle), as well as the affiliate link. I really like what I read and see about your pads and like that they're such better quality than a lot of the plain sheepskins being used in the show ring. I think people will like these.

Hi Shannon,
I'm sure it's a good start. Yes, you can buy a couple of pads as samples with the affiliate discount.
If you don't have a specific reason for ordering saddle pad and half pad for 17"-17 1/2" saddle exactly, I would recommend you to order a half pad designed for the 18"-18 1/2" saddle. By showing a pad of this size you can let your visitors to easily imagine how can look a pad that is either 1" shorter or 1" longer.
Please let me know about your decision.

That's a good idea! Let's make it the 18” then. Most use a 17.5” saddle and I wanted to let people try these out but I guess it doesn't really matter If it's a little bigger.

Hi Shannon,
Your payment was received on August 29.
Probably, we better try to find a faster way to trunsfer funds, for your customers certainly can't be sutisfied with such a delay.
Here are some alternatives to the

1. Send Money to Canada from the USA - Wise, formerly TransferWise

2. Send Money to Canada - Transfer money online safely and securely | Xoom, a PayPal Service is also an option (some fee is applied).
I would recommend this third-party option as the most reliable, simple, and inexpensive one.
- How to send bank deposits to Canada
Step 1: Just tell us how much to deposit.
Step 2: Choose almost any bank in Canada including *TD Canada Trust and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).
Step 3: Enter your recipient's account information on our secure page.
Step 4: Conveniently pay with Paypal, bank account, credit card, or debit card.

3. If you have an account is with the TD Bank.
- How to transfer money from TD Bank (US) to TD (Canada) on EasyWeb

The orfer is scheduled to be shipped on Tuesday due to the Statutory Holiday - Labor Day - in Canada on Monday.
J302-B | BufferLUX (Jumper) half pad, 17" - 17 1/2", black - 1
H201-W | Competition Number/ saddle pad, 18" - 18 1/2", white - 1
J303-W | GriprLUX (Jumper) half pad, 19" - 19 1/2", black - 1 - FREE sample
Thank you for your business.
Best Regards,
Maxim M.

Oh wow, that took way too long! Let me look into some of the alternatives you mentioned and thank you for the variety! I'm launching my website in conjunction with getting a vendor booth on 9/21. Hopefully we can get some interest in your pads.
I'm thinking about getting a booth at a large hunter jumper show here in late October. I'd like to have some of your pads in stock. Can you do anything to reduce shipping if I buy a few? Could I pay by credit card to make the transaction faster? I don't jump so would look to you for input on the most popular pads for that.

Hello Shannon,
Most popular pad for Jumpers are BufferLUX and ComfortLUX half pads.
In order to calculate our shipping cost on your next order I need to know how many pads of each model you are willing to buy.
Best Regards,
Maxim M.

Hi Maxim,
I really really like the quality of pad and since I'm going to a hunter/jumper show for three days I'm hoping to get some interest. Eventually I'd like to have some in stock to make it more appealing for people to buy.
I'm going to a very large quarter horse show here in March so I'll try to plan better and coordinate in January to get some in stock.

Hi Maxim,
I took the demo pads to a quarter horse show where I had a booth setup last week. A LOT of people commented on them and liked them, asked about price, etc…
But I think people want items they can buy now and take home with them. Since they have to be ordered, I felt like that was a deterrent. I'm going to take some pictures of them on a horse next weekend and try to promote them on social media. Fingers crossed. They are really nice quality!

Hi Maxim,
I hope you are doing well. I wanted to know if I could order some pads and get them in about 4-5 weeks?
I'm interested in 3 of the competition number saddle pads.
How do you suggest attaching the numbers? Concerned safety pins will leave holes in the material after some use??
I would also be interested in 4 bufferlux half pads. I recently sold one of those that I had as a demo at a horse show and the girl loves it and said it rode really balanced.
Let me know if you think you could meet this deadline (I understand the shipping part is out of your control). If there's anyway I could get payment to you faster, that would be ideal (i.e credit card even?). Last time it seemed like it took a week just to get money to you.

Hello Shannon,
Yes, we are happy to accept your order.
I can send you an invoice on this Sunday.
It takes two weeks for production, and I'm pretty sure that another 2-3 weeks will be enough for completing the delivery process.
Maxim M.

Hi Maxim,
2 x Competition Number Pads, H201-W - 17-17.5"
2 x GripLux Half Pad, J303-W - 17-17.5"
3 x BufferLux Half Pad, J300-W - 17-17.5"

Hi Shannon,
You wrote: sold the one I had as a demo at a horse show and the girl loves it and said it rode really balanced.
Could you get a detailed feedback from your customer and send it to me? Any video or images are very much appreciated. This would be useful for your business also.
As for the number attaching technology, a few overlapped stitches won't damage the saddle pad at all.
Best Regards,
Maxim M.

Unfortunately I don't have her contact information since she didn't buy it through my website but I saw her again right after her class and got the feedback. She was from California. I'm hoping to see her at this next show.
The show I'm setting up at next is called the Sun Circuit and it's huge. I think they are expecting 2400 stalls to be sold plus it draws a lot of spectators. People are always looking for something nobody else has so I think I will get a lot of interest. I've learned that people want things now and don't want to wait. Having some in stock will be great.
As for the numbers pad, people are used to seeing pin strips to attach the number to. The comment I get on the numbers pad is that people think it will damage the pad to pin the numbers to it repetitively. If you want to consider adding these as a product enhancement, I've attached a picture.
By the way, there's only one or two competitors for these numbers pads and the quality of yours blows them out of the water.

24 Sep 2022

As a saddle fitter...
(by Karen Withstandley)

As a saddle fitter, I often find that a half pad is needed when a horse has subtle body changes due to a different training program, coming back from time off, weight fluctuations, etc. It's nice to have an option to shim as a temporary fix while the horse is developing. Equinelux pads offer me the ability to add shims to any area of the pad without seams between pockets or Velcro along the top edge of the pad where it can effect how the panel contacts the horse. They are a wonderful solution for multiple riders in the same saddle who require a difference balance point for their body alignment.

Jumper half pad with sheepskin
Jumper half pad with pockets for saddle fitting inserts

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